Ultimate Watch Premium

Ultimate Watch Premium

Ultimate Watch Premium

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One watch face for every occasion.

Use it for office and productivity, outdoors, sports or health.

Office and Productivity​ features:
✔ Appointments summary
✔ Current appointment progress
✔ Upcoming and Current appointment details (title, location, time)
✔ Unread counts for up to 10 different apps (e.g Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger)*1
✔ 2 Time Zones (1 for free version)
​✔ Current Weather
✔ Appointments times shown as semi-circles around the watch face
✔ Notes
✔ Stopwatch
✔ Timer
✔ Battery
✔ 4 shortcut tap areas for direct access to other watch apps or Tasker actions
✔ Automation support
✔ Tasker support *2

Outdoors and Sport features:
✔ Step counter
✔ Altimeter *3
✔ Compass *3
✔ Barometer *3
✔ Distance Walked​
✔ Heart Rate Monitor *3
✔ Stopwatch
✔ Timer
✔ Current Weather

Health features:
✔ Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
✔ Graphical Heart Rate Charts
✔ On-demand Heart Rate Measurement
✔ Step Counter
✔ Distance Walked

✔ Minimalistic design
✔ Customizable with millions of different color combinations
✔ Information at a glance
✔ Minimize manual interactions
✔ Only show relevant information when needed
✔ Energy efficient and battery friendly
✔ Dark ambient mode and burn-in protection

Premium features:
✔ Unread counts for SMS and Missed Calls
✔ Tasker support
✔ Many more color options
✔ Second time zone
✔ More frequent weather updates
✔ More frequent Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
✔ Possbility to manually update weather
✔ More precise calibration of altimeter
✔ Set bearing indicator of compass

For Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) users
Please exclude this app from the App Standby feature in Android 6.0.
App stand-by will prevent the app from collecting the data to present on the watch face (e.g. unread counts, weather etc).

You do this by going to going to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization and exclude this app from the optimisation feature.

2-way automation using Tasker and other automation apps such as Locale, AutomateIt etc:
✔ Automate different tasks in Ultimate Watch
✔ 3 text variables that can be set using e.g. Tasker and displayed on the the watch face
✔ Use tap shortcuts on the watch to initiate Tasker actions

Please note that there is a limitation in Tasker that external apps can only read Tasker tasks if Tasker has been installed before the external app. If your Tasker tasks are not visible, then please uninstall and then re-install Ultimate Watch and you should be able to see the Tasker tasks.
Please visit http://www.stefanowatches.com/automation.html for further instructions.

Please note that the altimeter and compass needs to be calibrated for more exactness. Please see the link below for further instructions.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us for support before giving a bad review.

Please note that this watch face is for Android Wear enabled watches. Other smart watches (e.g Samsung Gear S2 or Pebble) will not work.

*1) Due to that support for Unread badges are manufacturer dependent, not all unread counts are supported on all phones. Please see the screenshots to see a matrix on what manufacturers support which unread counts.

*2) Premium version

*3) Watches with built in sensors

Web site:

- Fixed problem when disabling unread notifications
- Adjust watchface brightness in ambient and active mode. Particullarly good for watches with no ambient light sensor.
- Possibility to customise the text in the Current Event dial when there are no active events (option in Dials tab)
- Select whether to show preview cards in ambient mode or not.
- Possibility to select no dial (None) for all 3 dials in parallell.
- Share button.
- Several bug fixes